Last week the 30th Annual Aria Awards were held in Sydney and I was lucky enough to be invited down to host the red carpet interviews with MTV Australia.
I had a super early wake up call – makeup started at 9am (that’s early for me and makeup) and then headed into the MTV offices in Darlinghurst to get prepped and ready.
Big thanks to Nicole Lucas Stylist for styling me (very last minute) for the day. I’m still obsessing over my outfit. I wore a black long jump suit by Fame & Partnersshoes by Windsor Smith and a choker by Missugided. Big thank you also to Deb Munday for doing my hair and makeup on the day – you made me feel like an absolute princess.
The team and I headed down to the red carpet at the Star Casino in Darling Harbour. Before interviews started I was invited to walk the red carpet and do a few interviews along the way. This was my first red carpet experience (eeeek), but it was super fun and everyone was so nice to chat to!
The team from MTV had thought up a super fun idea of how to differentiate our interviews and make them stand out from the stock standard others. We made an ‘MTV Wheel Of Fortune’ which the talent had to spin in order to complete a challenge. These were the sections or challenges that they could land on:
  • WORK > You have to do your own interpretation of Drake and Rih Rih’s hit song ‘WORK’
  • SHANNON NOLL > If you follow Shannon on social media you might have noticed he has come back to popularity with a bang, and people like to get cheeky on his photos. If the talent landed on this, they had to tell us what Shannon Noll has borrowed from them recently without returning. If this makes no sense to you, go take a look at his Facebook Page!
  • Madison Avenue > In 2000, Madison Avenue performed at the ARIA awards. During the middle of the performance, the lead singer decided to ask for a glass of water. She held the glass for the whole performance, but never actually took a sip. what the video HERE (link video). WE asked the celebs to watch the video, commentate it, and ultimately make up a conspiracy theory as to why she asked for a glass of water
  • 2020 > Who is Donald Trump going to be up running against in 2020
  • Manequin Challenge > this is pretty self explanatory
  • Faceswap > faceswap a photo of you with your favourite celeb.
It was set to be an amazing day, interviews were all scheduled to start at 2pm sharp… and then… the rain started. It literally poured all afternoon… nooooo THE HAIR! THE MAKEUP! Thanks to a million umbrellas we managed to not get completely wet , and had the best time interviewing some rather wet celebrities. Some of my favourites were Troye Sivan, Shannon Noll, The Wiggles, Peking Duk, and SHeppard!
Take a look at some of the videos below!

Peace & Love,

Tiger xxx
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