New York is by far one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s a melting pot of culture and there is always something to see, something to learn, and someone to talk to. There is also an incredible array of vegan restaurants to try, and flavours and dishes that will rock your world, even if you’re a meat eating, vegan hating person (haha!).

I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favourites that I regularly to go. But I would love if you guys have any suggestions of restaurants that I should try, that you leave a comment in the section below! 


Here we go!


My favourite dish here is the Spicy Thai salad. It’s a big bowl of apricot sriracha glazed tempeh, almond, quinoa, edamame, scallion, crispy wontons, and peanut dressing! YUM. 

They also have an incredible array of smoothies, sweets and juices. If you go here, don’t forget to try the sweet potato fries with their jalepeno aoili (this is a game changer). I’m yet to work my way to any of the burgers yet, but they all look incredible. For some reason whenever I go here I’m really drawn to the salads as they are big and hearty and fresh! 


JOHN’S OF 12th

The thing I love about John’s on 12th is that you can go there with a whole group of people who have a diverse range of dietary needs, and everyone will be happy! There is a carnivore menu, a gluten free menu, a vegetarian menu, and of course, a vegan menu. My go to here is a margarita vegan pizza with mushroom and their special vegan cheese (it tastes so amazing)And I love to get a fresh side salad. Their ravioli is also to die for if you’re more of a pasta babe… I can never resist a pizza though. Fun fact, I ate a WHOLE pizza to myself after the marathon on Sunday night! 



Blossom is a bit of an institution in NYC, and I went there for the first time on my last trip, and absolutely went to heaven and back. I went for dinner with my agent, so we shared a whole heap of things. The starters tasting plate was amazing with buffalo risotto croquettes, seitan empanadas, fried pickles with ranch dip, seaweed caviar canapés, spanakopita with cashew ricotta, and raw zucchini rolatini.  For main I got the lasagne which was filled with tofu, seitan, and eggplant. And for desert we shared a chocolate gnash – which was absolutely amazing, but very very sweet, a little too sweet for me. Blossom also has an amazing array of wines that are all vegan too – fun fact not all wine and alcohol is vegan (shock horror I know)




Butchers daughter has a few different restaurants in NYC and LA. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, so while not exclusively vegan as they still have eggs and cheese in some dishes, you can pretty much make anything vegan. This is a great place for brekkie, brunch and lunch. They have delicious smoothies – my favourite being 7 minutes in heaven as well as a killer coconut yoghurt and avocado smash (for all you aussies out there). 




I am obsessed with cinnamon snail! I’ve been following them on Instagram for ages now, and was so stoked when I first visited them in NYC a few months ago. I remember sending my sister Georgina (who is also vegan) a photo message of the doughnuts and brownies and she almost died of jealousy! They have all different burgers and sweets, doughnuts and of course, a cinnamon snail which is great warmed up! 


Tiger xxx

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