I live in Sydney, and even though I don’t spend too much time there, I’m slowly making my way around various places to eat! These are some of my favourites at the moment…

  1. Sadhana Kitchen Bondi > I absolutely adore this place. They do a whole range of raw plant based food and boy is it delicious. I’ve been here a couple of times now and have tried almost everything on the menu. My favourite was the cheese burger. I know, you’re probably thinking, cheeseburger? Isn’t that meat and cheese? Usually, yes, but Sadhanna put their own spin on it. I also love their fresh smoothies and juices. I’m yet to try their coco whip but I’m planning to go next week!  12142271_904969266257989_2058270362_n
  2. Boathouse Palm Beach > I went here the other morning for the first time and was so pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to go back (it’s just a little far from my house). I had the smashed avocado on toast (hold the feta)! I asked for a side of mushrooms but because it was a super busy Sunday morning their mushrooms had already been pre-soaked in butter so I couldn’t have them! I also had my signature strong almond milk latte – YUM! We ate outside over the water, it was such a beautiful and relaxing time even though the cafe was pumping! One of my favourite things was the fresh fruit and fresh cut flowers out the front – they were so beautiful and colourful and literally enticed me into the place 116ecc650d7cfbf875edc56462db2b76
  3. Chalk Maroubra > This place does the best coffee in Maroubra and they also have such a good menu with options for everyone. My favourites are the veggie brekkie or the breakfast bruschetta (minus the egg and cheese). And for the animal eaters, the double bacon and egg roll with avocado!
  4. Earth To Table Bondi Junction > Love this place so much! They have such a great array of raw meals as well as a plethora of beautiful hot and cold drinks! My favourites here are the green smoothie bowl and the veggie scramble. Also, their array of amazing cakes and sweets is just INCREDIBLE! 01
  5. Superfood Sushi Newtown >This is a relatively new joint on the city side of King St in Newtown. Run by a super cool local dude, making the best plant based sushi! My sister went here a while ago to try it out! We had the Mad Bout Yuzo, Tofu For You, Dumplings, and Sushi Burger… plus a few juices! So so yummy! superfood-sushi-newtown-cafes-e66c-938x704aloha-erins-sushi-hero
  6. 3 Blue Ducks Bronte > this is a great place for brunch! They have brilliant coffee and some amazing brunch selects. There aren’t a huge array of vegan options here, but there are enough to have a choice, so I like to go here with my friends that might eat meat or animal product (so they’re not feeling disgruntled about eating vegan food). Last time I went I had the muesli, and I’ve also had the avocado toast before… (just make sure you get them to make it vegan friendly by replacing eggs/milk etc), and a strong almond milk latte (of course)!
I’d love to know your favourite places to eat! Leave a comment in the section below – I’d love to try your top picks!
Peace & Love,
Tiger xxx
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