When I look back on my life there are a few days in particular that really stand out to me as being amazing. One of them was when I went exploring the Phi Phi Islands when I was  19… so almost 6 years ago! Because I had such fond memories of this day of exploring the ocean and beaches, I decided that Chris and I must go again as it was just that beautiful.
We booked a tour with Laguna Tours (through the Twin Palms Hotel) and I’m really glad we did as we had a fantastic day.
We were picked up at 9am at our hotel and driven for about 40 minutes to the Marina where the boat would leave. There was a group of 10 of us which was nice and intimate and we were on a rather luxurious speed boat. When I went on my Phi Phi Island adventure years ago we did it on one of the small, traditional boats, which are long and skinny and rather beautiful. However this time we had a lot of expensive camera gear so I opted for a slightly less wet and rocky option.
The boat ride from Phuket to Phi Phi is just under an hour and we chose a day that was a little bumpy which Chris and I quite liked, but some of the other island hoppers didn’t seem too happy about.

Our first stop was to Phi Phi Don Island at Monkey Beach. This is by far one of the most spectacular places I’ve been to. The water is this incredible light blue/green colour and it’s so clear it’s almost like looking through glass. When you step on the sand it’s so soft it sinks down and feels almost like silk. Families of monkeys live in the trees above this beach so they are regularly there, but we arrived at high tide and as a result there were no monkeys to be seen.




Next up we cruised over to Phi Phi Lei and visited the Viking Cave which actually houses local people who search for Birds Nests to make Birds Nest Soup (ewww – not sure if our guide was kidding)! Then onto Pi Lei Cove and Maya Bay which were both stand outs. The water here was so clear that all of the  boats around us looked as if they were floating on air! The only downside to this was the Maya Bay was the location where the infamous movie ‘The Beach’ with Leo Di Caprio was filmed, so there was a good thousand people trying to get onto the beach to take the token tourist selfie.
Snorkelling in the afternoon was at Camel Rock. Our guide threw in small pieces of banana and the fish seemed to love them, swimming about in a rush to get a bite! I was surprised at the diversity of fish in a rather small cove, all shapes and sizes and colours, and it was beautiful swimming around with them for an hour.

We picnicked for lunch on Bamboo Island and I was very happy to see my lunchbox appear from under the hull of the boat. I had a vegetable fried rice without the egg  and a packet of chips (oops not very healthy), and some pineapple and watermelon.

Cruising around Phi Phi Islands by boat is such a brilliant way to travel. If you have a little bit of extra time and money while in Phuket it’s definitely worthwhile. Not only is it nice to get out of busy and bustling Phuket, but it’s also wonderful to experience parts of this world that are still relatively untouched and pristine.
Tigerlily xxx
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