After spending two days in Phuket Thailand, we decided to up the accommodation anti and head down to the most southern point of the island to Sri Panwa. This luxury resort is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I know. Big call. But it was out of this world. One of those places where things appear before you realise you need them, and the attention to detail is spot on.

Chris and I arrived rather late in the evening and were greeted by the most spectacular candy floss sunset. As we wiped our face with ice cold peppermint towels and sipped on a traditional Thai iced tea, we bid the sun goodbye and headed to our villa. Sri Panwa is a huge resort and as a result they have come up with a genius system where there are tuk tuks on call to drive guests around. If you don’t know what a tuk tuk is, think of a little van with no doors, and long seats in the back!

My jaw dropped to the floor when we entered the villa and we were overwhelmed with the beauty and design of the place. After my eyes popping out of my head for a few minutes and swanning around the place pretending I lived there, we sent ourselves to bed as it had been a long day.


My bedroom was floating over the private pool of our villa, and so I slept with the curtains open so I could see the turquoise light from the pool all night – it was very calming. I woke with no alarm, which is a not so secret pleasure of mine, and gasped at the view in front of me that we weren’t able to see the night before as it was so dark. Take a look…

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Chris came and joined me on my bed and he proceeded to teach me the Wim Hoff breathing method for the first time which was extremely interesting. We did this because the day before on our boat tour of the Phi Phi Islands, I was trying quite unsuccessfully to hold my breath under water for a long time! Chris then showed me some basic movements to get the blood rushing to your joints and all through your body, which made me feel like I’d just had the most amazing coffee!

Breakfast on the cards today boasted, once again, a beautiful buffet. We didn’t have dinner the night before because we were so tired, so breaking the fast was very rewarding! We filled our plates with salad, fruit, roasted mushroom and tomatoes, avocado, hash browns… you name it, we ate it. But far better than the food (which is something you won’t hear me say too often), was the view…

When I’m travelling it’s always a little bit tricky to keep a routine consistent, especially when it comes to finding time to sit down and work. After breakfast Chris and I dedicated a few hours to sitting down and smashing through emails, edits, uploads, Skype calls etc. I love sitting down for a few hours and being really¬† productive and feeling a sense of achievement and accomplishment by the end.

After a dip in our beautiful pool, we decided it was time to give my drone a whirl. We threw it up into the sky (and by threw I mean gingerly flew it), and took some pretty beautiful footage of the resort. However, 5 minutes in, much to our disappointment, we were called by reception and told that we weren’t allowed to fly drones on the premises. This is totally fair enough but I apologise for the lack of sweeping drone shots.

The afternoon was warm and balmy so it called for a little exploration of the hotel. We walked up to a building home to Babas Nest. Sri Panwa is renown for this beautiful spot to watch the sunset and have a cocktail. Climbing up four stories of the building gets you to the top most point of the resort and what have become known as Babas Nest. This place is straight out of a story book. It almost looks like a floating platform speckled with cushions and small tables and boasts a 360 degree view of the ocean and surround forrest land. I drank a cocktail called the ‘Love Potion’ seeing as it was Valentines Day, and I was feeling sad that my Valentine was home in Australia. We followed our cocktails up with a traditional Thai meal. I really recommend the potato spring rolls for entire – they were to die for. And the yellow curry for main (however I made it vegan by taking out all the animal product and adding in vegetables and tofu).


Falling asleep once again on my floating cloud bed was just magical. Despite the fact we had to leave early the next morning it was a delightful two nights and if you do stay in Phuket Thailand, I would really recommend spending time at this wonderful resort!

Tigerlily xxx


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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