The second stop of my asian tour was Thailand, which I was extremely excited about. Due to scheduling, I had 3 days off between shows, so took the opportunity to go to one of my favourite destinations and soak up some vitamin D!
But before we could lie on a beach with a cocktail in hand, Chris and I actually had to get there. We woke at 7am after only falling asleep much after 4am because of my show at Kitsune Kyoto, and jumped in the car back to Osaka airport. I love travelling with Chris, even when we’re hungry and tired we still have great conversations which get me thinking and laughing and forgetting that I feel a little shitty.
I won’t bore you with too many details of the next few hours. Our first flight was about 7 hours to Bangkok and on this flight I slept for about 4 hours which was miraculous – how hard is it to sleep on planes?! I hadn’t eaten all day as there was no food that I could really eat at Osaka airport (bar 2 bananas), and so I happily tucked into a spicy green curry with rice and a coffee – YUM! We then boarded the short flight from Bangkok to Phuket and happily walked off the plane greeted by the warm welcome of the Thai heat! Don’t get me wrong, seeing snow is beautiful, but I absolutely can’t stand being cold, and I’m happiest and healthiest when I’m warm.
Whenever I come back to Thailand the one thing that always gets me first is the beautiful people. I know, I know, everyone says this, but really their warm smiles and willingness to help makes this country one of my favourites to visit.  On arrival at The Twin Palms Resort it was hard to take our eyes of the beautiful architecture of the entrance building and the oversized swimming pool glistening as a backdrop. I just wanted to jump right in after such a long day of travelling and sitting on planes. Despite the incredible surroundings, sleep was on my mind, and sleep (in the most magnificent bedroom ever) is what I got. After crafting my room by choosing out pillows, flowers and aromatherapy scents, I finally collapsed into a cloud (bed) and drifted into slumber!


The first day at Twin Palms was all about relaxing after two almost adjacent days of long long travel. We woke up rather late without our alarms and just made it in time for breakfast which I am very glad that I didn’t miss. Being vegan, it’s often hard to find options when travelling, however the breakfast at Twin Palms was perfect. Not only did they have options for meat eaters, but sugar-free, gluten-free and animal product-free options were also readily available. Sooo… I ate a whole plate of veggies, and a whole plate for fruit, and some toast with peanut-butter (one of my favourites). There is something nice about filling up at breakfast and knowing that it will sustain you probably for most of the day!

After a quick whirl in the hotel gym, which I might add was very comprehensive, we climbed to the third storey of our villa and took some time out in the sunshine to read, listen to music, talk about our crazy business ideas and take a dip in the crystal clear private pool. I’ve stayed in lots of villas before and often they boast a private pool, but when you arrive it’s rather small and disappointing. This was not the case with this one, as you could almost swim laps in it!

When I’m at home I rarely take baths, but when I’m on holidays it’s a different story. The bath in my room at Twin Palms was about double the size of mine at home, and so before dinner I took advantage of this, and sunk in for an hour or so for the first time in a long time!
We had dinner at Phuket’s famous Catch Beach Club, where once again, we was very well looked after in the food department. I definitely recommend the spinach salad, as well as crafting the pad thai dish (without egg and prawn) to make it vegan friendly! I was very impressed as they had some beautiful Australian wines on the wine list which made me feel right at home. Getting to Cash Beach Club (which is owned by Twin Palms) was very easy. A shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes from the hotel to the venue!
On Day 2 we slipped down to Surin Beach nice and early to avoid the hot sun and tourists. Surin Beach is absolutely spectacular and is a 2 minute walk from Twin Palms Resort. The water is crystal clear and the beach is lined with palm trees and banana trees.
Heading back to the resort was a must so we didn’t miss breakfast (literally this buffet was amazing) and then it was time to pack our bags and head on my way to a day adventuring on the beautiful island of Phi Phi.
To be continued in my next blog…
Tigerlily xxx
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