Hey Team Tiger,

I’d love to hear from you personally. Tell me what you love, what you hate, what you’d like to see more of, where you’d like to see me play… you get the idea!

Comment in the section below (and yes, I will be reading all of them)!


  1. Jennifer

    I just wanted to say I love your style!

  2. Aaron

    can’t wait to see you in Santa Ana!! love the KSHMR collab & you have a beautiful voice! ❤️✨?

  3. Emil T

    Hello! I just want to say that you’re amazing!! I got to meet you in February when you were in Charlotte and it was a dream come true! Thank you for being so nice and friendly. Can’t wait to see you again!!

  4. Jan Castellano

    Hi Tigerlily my name is Jan Castilian. I’m your fan for 3 years I can not stop listening to your music. I have a dream I want reality and see you and have a picture with you. I hope we can meet soon and please come to Puerto Rico.

  5. Nohemi Ruiz

    I just want to say I love how you keep it real. You are so relatable and I love it! I know you are playing in Austin on Thursday and I wish I could go and meet you but I’m broke?, but I know you’ll have an amazing show!! I’ll be watching from snapchat. I love you ❤️

  6. Anj

    You da best

  7. Griffin

    Hello Dara,

    I’d just like to let you know that you an absolute inspiration, certainly to me and I know 100,000’s more people!

    You’re terrific! You’ve always followed what you want to do and you’re living your dream. You’ve shown that you can do what ever you, even from little old Sydney.

    Not to mention that you’re the most beautiful in Australia, if not the world, most probably the world.

    You’re such a role model! You know that every girl is beautiful and it’s wonderful that you’re going out and spreading that message.

    Just to top it off, you’re a ambassador for RUOK Day! That’s truely amazing! Another message that people need to take seriously. Speaking as someone who has suffered from depression, it’s defiantly something people need to take serious.

    You live are happy and positive life and have such a positive view of the world. Travelling the world and finding the most worlds most beautiful places, I can only dream of a life like that.

    You’re music, my god your music! It’s wonderful, every track, every remix! If I had one wish, I’d wish for even more. As I say that though, you’ve dropped two tracks this week!

    But I have noticed that you cop quite a lot of shit online, particularly from males. The only reason they do it is because they’re threatened by you. Because you’re successful, because you’re independent, because you’re brace and because you actually stand for something. But you seem to take it all on the chin, and just ignore it, which again is truely amazing!

    So just to sum all this up you’re an inspiration, you’re amazingly gorgeous woman and you’re the definition of a role model! I do hope to see you at a show sometime in the future and I’d really hope to have the honour to actually meet you in person one day! Keep doing what you do and have a wonderful day! ?

  8. Erik

    When will you have merchandise for sale? Can’t wait for your Seattle set!!!!

  9. Gabriele

    Hey Dara, I recently hear Skyline and I’m comletely in love with it! You should sing more often, your voice is AMAZING!! xoxo

  10. Emily

    Hey Dara,
    Just wanted to say you are one of the most nicest people on this earth and I admire you so much.
    I love your passion and hearing your story. Your so genuine and have a heart full of love and kindness.
    As a person who is struggling with mental health issues right now, your music seriously helps me and puts my mind at ease.
    I love everything you do and want to thankyou so much for giving me hope in life and to keep trying everyday through your music and just by being you!
    I would love you if you could reply and if we could talk because I would really love your help and advice. If not, I hope you get to at least read this.
    Love you tigerlily! xxx

  11. Ash

    Hey Tigerlily, we need your help!!
    I am a part of a mental health initiative within my school and we’re looking to do some big things! We would like to ask you to help if you can, just by sending us a photo or video of you, please email me to find out more.
    I love you so much!!

  12. Tiffany Etter

    Hi Dara,

    I absolutely adore you! I love your music and your style! I’m an American from philadelphia but I went to uni in Italy. During my time at Uni I loved Fedez and then I read something in a tabloid about you and I looked at your IG and listened to some songs on Spotify and just absolutely loved everything (not to sound creepy). Anyways, I live in a city 30 minutes North of Miami called Fort Lauderdale and I can’t wait for you to come back to Miami so I can get tickets to one of your shows and maybe meet you!!! Keep beIng you because it’s awesome!!! I hope to meet you one day!!! xx

    Tiffany Etter
    IG- Tiffaninaa

    • Thank you so much for the amazing support Tiffany!
      Sending Postive vibes
      Tiger xxx

  13. Leah

    Plllleeeease do some under 18 shows this year!!!!

    • Hey Leah! I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more this year, but next year there will definitely be lots! Keep your eyes on my instagram and Facebook for more information!

  14. sammy

    What’s good Dara i recommend you listening to a few of kaytranada’s joints one of his songs called lite spots good track for the club scene in my opinion. Many blessings

  15. A A M R

    I had to ask how can i send you promos?

  16. Steve

    Hey tigerlily where can I get a photo or a selfie with you next time your in Brisbane?? I hope your hair is still green

    • Hey Steve! I was in Brissy on the weekend! But I’ll be back before the year is out so not to worry…!

  17. Caitlin

    Hi Tiger, Wanting to know more about why you come vegan? I have a lot of health problems and I think it’s a lot to do with what I eat. I love that your a plant lover and are always encouraging other to be the same. Any tips for vegan/organic eating and where to start?

    • Hey Caitlin, For three reasons. After doing lots of research, watching docos, and listening to many podcasts, I started to realise that eating animal product was not only killing the animals that were being abused and used for the product, but I was also killing myself and our world in the process. After finding out how bad animal product is for our bodies, I had no choice but to stop eating it. And to be honest, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my whole life! Eating a plant based diet has really helped my health a lot! I would start by watching some documentaries like Vegetated, Forks Over Knives, and Conspiracy, and following people online such as Rich Roll – these docos and people have a lot of external links and information for you to keep learning every day! GOOD LUCK!

  18. Quill

    I absolutely love your music so much, your new track with kshmr is so amazing and I’m kinda obsessed with it!!! I hope one day i could get a photo with you and brag to evreyone that i got a photo with like the best dj xD.Please come to Tasmania again I loved watching you at hotel new York. Also you need a male singer that can sing I would but 110% up for it. I would love to work with you. I produce music as well, not as good as you though 🙂 keep up the amazing word and please keep my offer for the voice in mind, please

    • Hey Quill, thank you so much! I enjoy playing it out at shows a lot! I’ll be back in Tasmania before the end of the year so we can definitely get a photo together. See you soon!

  19. Simon Mayne

    Hey Dara,

    I’ve been following your journey since day dot, and just wanted to say how incredible your journey has been. Not many people at your age get the opportunities you have and make the best of them. Your life may be crazy and sleep deprived but thats what your 20’s are about. Keep working and pushing for more, you’re inspirational and phenomenal.

    Well done, and lots of love


    • Hey Simon. Ahhh thank you for such kind words. I am very lucky doing what I’m doing, even if it’s hard sometimes, and I am sleep deprived a lot! Lots of love, and thank you again!

  20. Steven

    Hey Dara
    I had tickets from your website tonight for Tigerlily @ Seven Nightclub and called to see what time your set starts and the management said its been cancelled? 🙁
    Kind Regards Steve

    • Hey Steven,

      Yes, I’m sorry, it was cancelled last minute. Were they able to give you a refund?

  21. Hayden

    Hey! I watched your snap story when you toured USA. It’s crazy to relive the places again from someone else’s point of view! Definitely chuck a shout out ?

  22. Matthew Collison

    What happened tonight!? Plenty of disappointed fans in Melbourne. 🙁

    • Hey Matt,

      They cancelled my show! I don’t know anything else I’m sorry!


    Hey Dara, I saw the last 20 mins of your set at MGM Foxwoods in Connecticut in September. You killed it!! Was a pleasure to watch you perform! You have such a Great vibe & Energy. I was wondering if you’re going to be in the NYC area this month (Sat 11/19) & are available to do a set for an hour at my nieces party. Not sure if you even do pvt events but lmk if you’re available & what your rate is. Thank you:)

    • Hey Scott, Thanks so much for the lovely comment, I really enjoyed that show – was great to be back at Foxwoods.I’m in NYC as we speak as I’m running the marathon on Sunday but then I leave straight after! Hope your nieces party goes well though. Love Tiger xxx


    Coooool… Good luck in the marathon. Thats Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out for u. I don’t think there will be too many runners with your color hair:) Thx for responding so quickly. I’m in touch with Chachi & Crooklyn Clan. I’ll get sum1 for the party but not as good as u;)
    I think thats amazing that you’re the ambassador for Lifeline. My son is battling alil depression & we are working thru it. Keep up the good work !

  25. Karen Damelian

    Hi Dara,

    i just sent thru a message to your website, thought i might try contacting you this way! I am a Sydney songwriter and have just finished demoing 2 great dance tracks for you. They would suit your vocals and they kick.
    Can i send them to you please? Regards Karen

  26. Hi! I really admired you! And I am so far from you! I am a chilean girl??
    I think that your music it’s amazing! And i like the way that your are making your dreams true! I love Katy Perry like you! So I want to say that you and katy perry are my favorite musicians!
    I really want to see you! So please come to south america! I am waiting for you!
    Keep doing what you are doing because you are amazing!
    Grettings from Chile??❤️

    • Antonia, Thank you so much for all the kind and lovely words!! I hope to be back in South America one day to play some shows!! Sending lots of positive vibes
      Tiger xxx

  27. Hi Dara,
    Olivier here the GM at Twinpalms Phuket, sorry I didn’t get to meet you whilst you stay with us.
    I hope you had a great time, thank you for the beautiful images.
    See you soon and good luck with your tour.

    • Olivier,

      Thank you for hosting me and running such an incredible resort! What a breath taking experience!

      I honestly can not wait to come back

      Tiger xxx

  28. Rachelle

    Hey hey!
    I just wanted to know if you are playing in Canberra anytime soon!
    Was in Adelaide this weekend but went to Dog and Duck Friday night not Sat. I’m so cut!! xx

  29. FABIO

    Hi Tigerlily…i love your music and your personality…you are a pretty girl and lovely…i hope in a meeting in future…(sorry for bad english but i am italian XD) continue this work because you are the best …i love you…kiss

  30. Love your Music and your STyle ! thank you for doing what you do to allow me to do what i do with flows in my ears !

  31. Julia

    Hi Dara,
    Do you know where can I buy TigerxRatlife hoodie? On the site Ratlife is not available 🙁

  32. Lachlan

    OMG, Dara i wish we could see each other in person your such an amazing girl (DJ) who does amazing things, and how did you become so famous? Is it because your so hot idk, but anyway please reply and btw im from Australia to!
    We should soooo collab in the future because im learning to be a DJ too it would be the ultimate privilege to see you in person.

    From you #1 Fan Lachlan

  33. Sophia Nesire

    Hi Dara,
    Since you will be playing in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia! on the Friday 19th of May is there any chance you could make a trip to Albury (1 h Away) and play there too! Please we’d LOVE to have you!
    Sophia xxx

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